Thursday, May 11, 2006

racism? or anti-stupid. defines racism as either believing that one race is superior to others or having prejudice/discrimination because of race.

If you believe that there are inferior races, but not that any one race is superior are you still a racist? For example, you don't believe that your race is a step up from the human level, but you define a lower level called the idiot level where certain races belong.

If you help people of your own race before helping people of a different race, is that racism? Or is that fraternal love? If there was only a member of the other race needing help then you would help him, but you prioritize them lower on the list.

"There is a serious deterioration in the treatment of Arab Knesset members," said MK Taleb a-Sanaa (Ra'am-Tal). "People point to a number of reasons for this; but I think it all comes down to racism."

This is the guy who had a meeting with Hamas representatives and then had his ass thrown out of the
Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. He didn't give Hamas any classified information, the Committee didn't meet even once before they decided not to meet just so this guy wouldn't have an opportunity to hear any classified info.

"I am no racist," said Lieberman. "I just ask the obvious questions. Why does no Israeli Arab MK condemn calls by the Iranian president? ...The Arab public has to understand the problem lies in their midst."

The problem with calling people racists is the same problem with calling people anti-Semites.
When people make comments about stupid things done by a group of people they are called racists or anti semites, if it's against Jews.

Maybe these people just don't like stupidity.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I knew id find someone to talk with politcally here..

racism or anti stupid.. maybe its a bit of both.

Your Jewish.. well great i'm a Muslim :D

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welcome to the rock, lilz.
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