Thursday, May 25, 2006

Disengagment punishments??

I have decided to answer the content of the insulting commentor who was banned. She had some interesting questions, which I am happy to discuss, I simply refuse to allow an insulting diatribe in my comments section. If you don't understand where I am coming from, you can ask a question or you can disagree. If you want to simply bash what I am writing you can start the antirockofgalilee blog or publish your comments on your own blog. I only read the blogs of people who I am interested in what they have to say. If I think they're off the wall and I find their content insulting to me I don't go to their blog and bash them, I simply don'y read them.

Q) Do I speak for God?
A) No. But when there are a number of seemingly disconnected events that happen "coincidentally" at the same time, I feel there is room to connect them. I think that history has shown us how God operates and that it is not problematic at all to say that if you feel that something was done incorrectly and bad things happen to the people who did it, that they are connected. Can you imagine what would have happened in the Purim story if the Jewish people had not listened to mordechai and esther's call to repent. They could have said this anti-semitism has nothing to do with the way we are behaving and the party was an irrelevant factor. It doesn't take any imagination to see what would have happened, it happened in 1939-1945 in Germany.

Q) Does that mean that I think that everyone who died in the Holocaust was a bad person?
A) No. If you remember from the Purim story, the first person who was supposed to be killed was Mordechai, the tzaddik. When God decides to punish the Jewish people, he does not differentiate between good people and bad people. The entire nation is guilty. As an aside, this is the reason why the Jews in Egypt had to put blood on their doorposts. They needed extra merit so they wouldn't be killed in the plague, because plagues do not differentiate between different people.

Q) Am I saying that everyone who gets sick is a sinner?
A) No. There are different reasons why people get sick. I don't know the reason why people get sick, each situation is between man and God. When it happens publicly immediately after the person did something that you consider inappropriate, then you can tie them together. If more then one thing happens soon after then I am more confident tying them together.

Q) Did my brother-in-law have a stroke because of the disengagment?
A) I don't believe he did, but I also don't think it was a random occurrence. He had nothing to do with the disengagement, and nothing that I know of that he did would cause God to punish him this way, so I will chalk this one up to an unknown cause.

Q) Was God involved in Hurricane Katrina?
A) Yes. God caused the hurricane to happen for a specific reason. It very well may have had to do with the disengagement. As I posted at the time, the percentage of US residents who were evacuated during the hurricane is the same percentage of Israeli residents who were evicted from their homes in Gaza. Coincidence, I don't believe so.

Q) If God was invloved, why do all of these things look natural? The PM didn't listen to his physicians advice, was under a lot of stress and in bad health. The police have been criticized for a long time. The moshav was near arabs who have bird flu. There has always been talk of sex at army bases. Shouldn't it have been hail and brimstone?
A) God takes care of things in a natural fashion. That is the entire miracle of Purim, that seemingly disconnected events coincidentally happened in an unordered fashion and caused other things to occur. Haman just happened to show up at the moment that the king was thinking about rewarding mordechai. The prime minister could have had a stroke the week before the disengagement and plenty of people live with his bad health for years after. The police investigations have never gone anywhere in the past, for example in the bus 300 case all the people involved got promoted. There were other moshavs where the bird flu could have started in Israel that are also close to Gaza. The army sex scandals which have been going on for years are all coming to light now, giving people a very low opinion of the army.
Is any of this absolute evidence? Of course not. But there are enough coincidences to allow inteligent people to draw conclusions.

Q) If this happened 5 years from now, would I still say that they were linked?
A) Probably not. Though that doesn't mean that it wouldn't have been. It would mean that God does not necessarily want us to draw those conclusions.

I would appreciate it if the banned commentor does not comment. I don't read her blog because I don't care about what she has to say. That is a better method then showing how "smart" you are by posting sarcastic insulting comments on blogs of people you disagree with.

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