Monday, May 29, 2006

Mashiach (A Religious MEME)

My sister in law put up this meme and tagged the world
1. How will he arrive?
1) We're expecting a white donkey, but some modernists have translated that to a white Cadillac with tinted windows.

2. Under what global circumstances will he arrive?
2) I'm expecting he will come in the midst of a very serious threat to the existence of the Jewish people.

3. Will everyone believe in him?
3) I think there will be the skeptics, but the difference will be who the believers are. In the times of the false mashiachs (such as shabtai tzvi) most of the rabbis denounced them and the lay people supported them. I think here the rabbis will support him and there will be a korach type story where a bunch of people get swallowed by an earthquake.

4. How will we all go to Israel, or will we?
4) Definitely by plane. It's much too far to walk. I think that the majority of religious Jews will come (except for maybe yak), some of the non religious will immediately want to become religious and come also and the rest will be lost amongst the nations.

5. Will all our enemies be destroyed?
The real question is who are our enemies. I think religious muslims will respect the outcome and join our side. The enemies will then become the previous apathetic who see this as a threat to their lifestyle.

6. Will a lot of us die in the process?
If you consider the Holocaust part of the process, it's already up to 6 million.

7. What about revival of the dead?
I think revival of the dead is something that we cannot fathom, especially because of the concept of gilgulim, so there's really only 100 people and everyone else is recycled. The last mishna of the 4th perek of peirkei avos indicates that the final judgement day will be after the dead come back.

8. Will we still have to work?
I think we'll have to work.

9. When Mashiach (who is human) dies, who will be our leader?
The son of mashiach. We believe in the kingdom of David and Mashiach will be the first of the new dynasty.

10.Will there be a King of Israel, a Beit HaMikdash, and a Sanhedrin?
Yes. They are actually working on the sanhedrin now, Mashiach will be king and the Bais Hamikdash will be built. The Temple Mount institute is building the objects used in the bais hamikdash according to the exact specification so they will be ready when it is time to use them.


Rolling hills of green said...


docyaak said...

what do we always say? when mashiach comes we would love to live in israel, so yak is in!

also the rambam goes into a whole long arichut re: the coming of mashiach where he discusses that mashiach will not die, (that is one way you know who he is) and the reports on how the whole thing will play out you just have to wait and see cuz really noone knows! rabbi akiva thought bar kochba (i think) was moshiach so there can definitely be argument even among the rabbonim . he will not perform any nissim that werent already performed as par of nature (1st bais hamikdash)

Just Passing Through said...

Actually, I think that initially a lot of the Rabonnim DID back Shabbtai Tzvi. It was only after he started acting strange (and ended up converting to Islam) that they withdrew their support. Much of the masses, however, still supported him.

rockofgalilee said...

They stopped abcking him when he started doing things against halacha. While the masses ignored the rabbis and said he could be mashiach anyways.