Tuesday, June 07, 2005

complete blog by email

Blogging would be great if it could be done completely by e-mail.
Right now I can send a blog to my site and it gets automatically
posted, I can also get all the comments sent to my email. But the
functionality stops there. I would like the ability to respond to a
comment by email as well. And why stop there. I would like to receive
other blogs that I read by email, and then I want to be able to email
a comment to that blog. I want to receive all the comments in the
email so I'll know when to respond. That way all I have to do is
define who I want to read and I have all the power to play inside my
email box. No web surfing required.

While this software would be most easily written by the blogging
company, I believe that I could develop it as well. Would anybody be
interested in this functionality? Would you accept a small text ad in
each email instead of having to pay for the service? Would anybody
prefer to pay for the service and not have the ad?

I don't know that I will do this yet, this is kind of market research.
If you like the idea, post it on your blog and link to me so I can see
what kind of positive or negative responses are out there.


Just Shu said...

I enjoy surfing to teh blogs, sometimes when I'm bored, I look for random interesting blogs and read those.

Hescominsoon said...

have you looked into drupal or wordpress? I do not know if they have htis functionality or not. HOwver if they do not and you need some adspace let me know i would happily oblige.

Air Time said...

uch. who wants that much email.