Monday, June 06, 2005

cooking in greece

It is so much easier to blog when you can send it as an email and it
automatically gets entered for you.

I was speaking with Mark this morning on the train, as I always do,
and he mentioned that he got a call yesterday that a shipment of sheep
on their way to Turkey were dying in greece and they wanted to ship
them to Israel. I told him that Jews don't eat animals that were
killed in grease, but that after they are killed the greasier the
better. He explained that it was the country greece, not the oil
and fat and they were dying so he thought it was an emergency. I
explained to him that unless they were going to be slaughtered
correctly when they got here it did not matter to me how they died
because I could not eat them, so it was not a real emergency.
Apparantly Mark was more concerned with keeping them alive, though
he did understand that eventually they were going to be eaten in any
case. As they say, "An animal that dies of old age is a waste of an

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