Wednesday, June 15, 2005

got a date

Our planned evening with other nefesh bnefesh people in the north has apparantly been cancelled, leaving us with a babysitter and nothing to do. We were considering going bowling, but bowling with just 2 people isn't that much fun because when your turn is over it is the other persons turn and so you never actually talk to each other, just bowl and watch the other person bowl. So we're not going to do that. There is go-karting and that is a possibility. No mini-golf, apparantly, on this half of the country.
the what to do is usually not so bad, because we generally don't just go out. We usually have plans before we call the babysitter.
We could just go to a restaurant, i guess.

i have about 5 hours before the decision has to be made.

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Air Time said...

I hope you check your email after yoru date.