Thursday, June 16, 2005


My eldest daughter is 7 and she would like her ears pierced. So I made
a deal with her that if she is more organized in school for the last
month then she could get them pierced during the summer break.
The odds are that she'll get them pierced even if she does not finish
off the school year in an organized fashion, but I figured it would be
educational to tell her that it was a reward for doing well in school.

My wife, God Bless Her, has 2 holes in 1 ear and 1 hole in the 2nd
ear. But she thinks nose rings are disgusting. Forget about a belly
button, tongue, nipple or any other pierce.

I'm not sure what the big deal is. Obviously, I didn't want to punch
holes in my daughter's ears until I felt she was old enough to realize
what they were. But other then that and the cost involved, which is
generally minor, who cares how a girl chooses to decorate her body.
It's not a religious issue - all the biblical women had nose rings and
who knows what else. Is it more of an anti-anti-establishment issue?
If a teenager wants to pierce something "weird" (read other then the
ears) she must be doing it for anti-establishmentary reasons, and we
must stop that?? I think that's silly.

Now I am not about to suggest to my daughter that she puts holes in
the rest of her body, but if that's what she wants to do with her
baby sitting money when she gets older, I don't see why I should have a
problem with it. I think I'm paying for the ears only because my wife
thinks it's appropriate.

Do any of my readers feel there is any reason not to allow a child to
get anything pierced, ears included?


Just Shu said...

why does 'Da have 2 holes in one ear and only 1 in the other?

rockofgalilee said...

I'm really not sure. I don't think she belongs to a gang or cult or anything that requires that level of mutilation.

It is just something she likes.

Just Shu said...

Joyce had 3 in one ear and 2 in the other

Rolling hills of green said...

love you shu!!

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

My daugther, Ilana, had her ears pierced before she was 2 (by me.) When she grew older, she decided she wanted to have another hole pierced in one ear. I let her. Then she decided to let it close. Eventually, they will do what they want, and it is quite fashionable and allows them to buy some beautiful jewerly as well.

rockofgalilee said...

welcome to the rock, barbara.

Do you see a difference, in principal, between earrings and piercings in other parts of the body?

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Yes I do actually from an aesthetic and religous point of view.

rockofgalilee said...

From a religious point of view, and I only know the laws of Judaism (not all of them, I'd be interested in hearing if I am wrong), there is no difference between putting a hole in your ear, tongue, nose...

From an aesthetic point of view, I agree with you that I personally don't like the way it looks, I would also have to say I don't like the way a lot of people dress either. If someone chooses to decorate themselves in an ugly fashion, I think that is their perogative.

docyaak said...

do you remember how dad wanted to pierce sarra's ears? devo took my girls to watch someone else ( a baby) have their ears peirced and due to the loud screaming, now they never want to have it done!

DAG said...

my daughter has had ears piercied since 4 months old