Tuesday, June 07, 2005

mistaken customs

Why some customs are kept around, I really don't know. There are some
customs that make people feel spiritual or into it, and there are
others, such as the one we are discussing, that are simply ridiculous.

Eating dairy on Shavuot???!!!!?!?!?!?!? Hello. Is anybody out there.
God does not want us to milk the cow, he wants us to eat it. When we
went to my in-laws for Pesach and my mother-in-law suggested that she
was going to make dairy, I reacted, obviously, with horror. So she
made meat, because what kind of yom tov is it if you eat quiche. or
whatever. My wife, God bless her, thought she was compromising when
she suggested maybe for dinner we would have meat. Can you believe
that the thought even occurred to have 2 dairy meals? on a holiday!

We had some seminary girls over for shabbos a couple weeks ago, 2 of
them were vegetarians. We did what we do for vegetarians, so they had
what to eat, without lessening the joy of the others. Netanya said she
was a vegetarian for environmental reasons. Because cows eat grass.
She was against killing the cows so they wouldn't eat grass because
then they would raise more of them. I said, "Netanya, for you they
came up with a perfect idea. They take baby cows and lock them up and
then force feed them until they are ready to be eaten. So there is no
environmental issue. What a perfect solution to your environmental
problem." At that point, Becka, the other vegetarian threw up. well,
she turned green. it was funny.

The point being that man was made to eat meat and it is customized to
each person so that no matter what your philosophy there is a dead cow
with your name on it.


Rolling hills of green said...

I love reading your opinoins, even if I don't agree!

rockofgalilee said...

If you agreed with my opinions, we would have nothing to talk about.
And if you hated my opinions, you wuld be miserable.
So I'm glad we have the perfect relationship all worked out.

TRK said...

vegetarians should be nuked.

as for shavuot - ein simcha ela bebasar veyayin. I'll be happy with my dead cow while everyone else munches on pasta and cheese.

Olah Chadasha said...

Bring me that cow!! "When I grow up, I wanna go to Bovine University".