Tuesday, June 14, 2005

nachal kziv and shavuos

First of all, shout out to mrs. rock, may God bless her, for the essig
fleish. Essig fleish is yiddish word that means, "Eat The Meat." While
we generally prefer not to use any words with yiddish connotations, we
figured that if you have to use it once in a while, Eat The Meat is
the best one to use. Apparantly, as I mentioned in a previous post, we
have a custom to eat non-meat food items on shavuos. And while the
sooflay and cheesy squares were very good, I just don't see how they
constitute a yom tov meal. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing
with your wife, and this is just one example where we disagreed in a
very friendly disagreeable sort of manner. In this case, as she is the
master chef, she did what she wanted and I ate it and enjoyed it. And
that was it.

Erev Shavuos we stayed close to home and went on a nice 4 hour hike in
nachal kziv. This is classic Galileeing, get up go for a nice long
walk and jump in the natural spring waters to cool off. Unfortunately,
there were a lot of people at the spring and some of the women were
not very tznius. We had 2 practical choices at that point. Obviously
the best choice would be to throw stones at them and yell insults. My
wife, God Bless her, doesn't feel that we should teach that approach
to our children, so I took the second approach. We played in a smaller
stream until the less then clad ladies left the pool area and then I
went in without my glasses on. This is why God created so many people
in our generation near-sighted. We can feel comfortable going out into
the prus society with our wives and just take off our glasses and the
women do not get upset at us for looking at what . What a concept. And
the kids had a great time. A friend of mine, a rabbi in an Israeli
yeshiva, uses that method to go to the public beach with his family.

Shavuos was nice, though very tiring. I ended up staying up all night
and learning. My old chavrussa, who I stopped learning with to take a
job, accepted my offer of a chavrussaship and though he said he only
had an hour for me, we ended up going at the makos for about 3 hours.
I also looked at the shav shmaytsa and didn't really understand a lot
of it, except that he said that safek daoraysa lichumra is only
dirabonim and daoraysa the safek is lkoola. Which is the basis for a
safek sfayka being lkoola, because if it is a safek on whether it is a
safek, then that lowers the whole issue to a dirabonim and safek
dirabonim lkoola which means we look at the daoraysa aspect of the
matter which says if there is a safek, enjoy.

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