Thursday, June 30, 2005

Galileean update

While blogging, I sometimes get overtaken by the issues of the day and suddenly devote all of my blog to that topic. Sometimes I have to stop and remember that this is not only an issues blog, it is also a personal blog. A blog where I can write whatever I want, because I want to communicate it to whoever wants to read. This is just a regular Galilean Update.

Today while coming into work I ripped my pants. I sat down on the train and my pocket got caught on the armrest and they tore right on the seam about 3 inches. No problem, I thought, the train stop is at the mall and on Thursday it is shuk day so there are tons of vendors who start early and the stuff is on display. Unfortunately, today they did not start early. There was only one vendor open and she was selling jewelery. Which I didn't want to buy. So I kept my bag in front of the gaping hole and went to work where I was sure I'd be able to figure out what to do. Sure enough, I found little binder clippies and secured the seam from the inside. Of course, they keep coming out. But it will work until the end of work and then I will have to figure out where to buy new pants. Lev Hamifratz or Kiryon.

One of the benefits of the kiryon is I can meet my family there for dinner. And my eldest can get her ears pierced. It was only about a week ago that we discussed piercings here on the rock, our topics are relevant. Well she came home with a report card that said she improved on everything. Except maybe handasa (engineering). ??WTF?? 1st graders learning engineering!!??! This does not raise my opinion of them very much, because not even the girl in her class who got a mitzsooyan in engineering knows how to build a bridge. So the fact that my daughter got an "Almost Very Good" doesn't really bother me at all. And since she fulfilled her end of the deal, which was being more organized in school, she'll get holes in her ear. It's interesting because it used to be that parents would say they'll hurt their children if they do badly in school. Now we offer it as a reward.

Swimming lessons are going great. Both kids can swim in the water without a banana, or any other fruit, I would imagine, but they specified that they could swim without a banana. I think the Israeli culture is getting to them.

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