Sunday, June 25, 2006


At 5:30 AM my children woke up, and starting talking loudly, laughing and generally making a ruckus. I started laughing, revenge is so sweet.
We were at the kineret on a small camping trip Thursday night. We figured it was a good time to go before all the kids got off of school, because it would be a little quieter. We found a nice beach where they promised no midnight disco party and a family atmosphere, which was exactly what we were looking for. I set up the tents, while the kids played in the water with my wife and our friends (they had gotten there earlier and had already set up their tents). Then I went in the water for a while while the grill heated up.
We had a nice bbq and got the kids to sleep at a very decent hour. We actually climbed into the tents around 11:30 and were planning on actually sleeping through the night. At about 12:30AM a group of 9 Muslim Arab men set up right next to our tents and started their BBQ. They weren't louder then they needed to be, meaning there was no yelling or loud music. But when you have 9 men bbqing and having a good time, it is not quiet. I got out of my tent and walked around so they could see that peopl were asleep over there, but that didn't faze them. They kept going until around 3:30. I said to my wife, tomorrow we will get our revenge.
I probably drifted off to sleep for a couple hours before my children woke up and were out of the tent whooping it up. They weren't louder then neccessary, just as loud as children should be when they get up. Our friends kids also got up around the same time and they were playing very nicely together.
The best part was the expression on the faces of those arabs as they lay there thinking "we just went to sleep." They had brought mattresses or sleeping bags and weren't sleeping in a tent, so we got to see the shock registering on their faces. I didn't allow my kids to make unneccessary noise, and I asked them not to yell when they were yelling. But kids make noise and that's that.

We went swimming and were in the water from around 6Am until around 10. Everyone had a lot of fun.

Ask Shifra wrote about being judgemental the other day when she saw some possibly modern orthodox kids and modern orthodox adults walking on shabbos, filthy and sweaty after a strenuous shabbos afternoon football game.
When I'm at the beach, I generally keep my glasses off and since I can't see 5 feet in front of me there is not as big of a tznius problem as there could be. (I'm not saying that there is no problem, it is just minimized.) Anyway, for some reason my glasses were on at one point and I saw a religious lady with her hair covered wearing a bikini walking around with her husband. She kept her hair covered when she went into the water. I turned to my wife and asked her what she thought about nude sunbathing with hair covered. She didn't think that either was very appropriate.

So we tried not being judgemental and made up stories about them, though in reality we were judgemental and felt that she was a crackhead. Either show off your body or be tzanua, but covering your hair and very little else seems a bit strange.

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Anonymous said...

The only logical explaination I can think of is that she was having a bad hair day, and figured wait, im jewish, I can cover my hair!