Thursday, June 08, 2006

My brother-in-law survived his surgery yesterday and I had a very enjoyable vacation day. A friend just happened to be in the country with his fiance this week, so we planned on getting together. The timing worked out perfectly because I had already scheduled a day off to watch the kids when they got home from school while my wife went to watch her brother.

Then my friend didn't call me back, so I decided that it would be a totally awesome day if I went to nachal yehudiya by myself. If I left at 8:00 Am, after dropping the kids off at school and I could find someone to watch the little one when he got off at 1 there should be no problem getting back on time. But then my friend called back and said that they would be on the 10:30 train getting in at 12. So we decided to go to rosh hanikra, which is pretty close by, or to our local nachal and go explore the cave that I've never been in.

A weird thing happened in the morning before I went out. One of the neighbors who I hadn't met yet came by and told me that he has a very small yard and I have a very large yard and he has a swing and all i need to do is put a cushion on it. It took me a while to figure out what he wanted, but in the end he wanted to use the space the swing was taking up and he didn't want to throw it away, so we got a real nice metal A-Frame porch swing.

My friend never called and by the time he answered his phone it was too late to go to the golan. He pretty much overslept, with some sort of excuse about a brother's wedding and not getting to sleep until very late. So they didn't come up.

I decided to have a fun day anyways, so I went to the bottom of rosh hanikra, where I had never been and climbed around the white mountain face. There were a couple signs up that said anybody who goes in the water will go directly to jail and put on trial (in that order), so I decided to play it safe and not go in the water, but there were some pretty funky stuff there to explore. A number of arab fishermen were standing on the rocks fishing and they may have thought I was trying to steal their stuff because they kept looking at me funny. They were probably lousy fishermen because I didn't see them catch anything the whole time I was there. History has shown that lousy fishermen make good disciples, so if I ever Jesus out, I'll probably go there first to get them on board.

After I had my fill of the mountainside, I found a nice, quiet, private beach area and played in the water for a little bit. I put on suncreen but still got burnt up.

There is nothing as refreshing as doing some nature all by yourself

Double kudos to the neighbors who picked up the little one from gan and watched him until I got home and then called at night to see if I needed a babysitter to go get my wife and in-laws. I had already found a babysitter, so we were good, but it is so nice having friendly neighbors.

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iSrAeLiWannab said...

i thought u were gonna go 2 jail if u went in the water