Monday, June 26, 2006

lousy defense

In the wake of the kidnapping of Gilad Shlait, we must first and foremost assign blame. It is impossible for Jews to do anything without first blaming somebody for what happened. So the shin bet said that they told the army this was going to happen so it's the army's fault. The army said the shin bet gave them general information but nothing specific so it was bad intelligence.
Joe Settler and Jameel, along with countless others, blame the left wing for getting us into this mess. The left wing sees this as a success because the arabs are not being victimized in this instance and therefore they blame the right wing for instigating towards a response.
Shimon Peres says "kidnap shmidmap. Ron Arad was kidnapped years ago and we aren't doing anything for him."

One of the major problems is that Israel does not learn from history or rather when they learn from history they do do a half assed job. Historically to defend a castle or a city, you would build a wall around it. Israel has started to do this and it hasn't helped. The problem in this specific instance is that the terrorists went under the wall. If Israel had learned from history they would know that castles not only had strong walls to protect them but also a moat. If there was a moat surrounding the walls with alligators and snakes, then the terrorists wouldn't have been able to get under. I feel strongly that the moat digging should start immediately and that walls should only be finished after the moat completely surrounds us. After the moat is finished and the walls are completed we will be heavily fortified and we can continue to threaten to retaliate when rockets are shot at us.

After the blame we need to threaten. The government of Israel has declared that if we ever get that soldier back there's going to be hell to pay. Did anybody else fall off their chairs laughing at that statement? Here's the conversation between 2 Gazans:
Gazan A: We finished with the game of capture the soldier, should we give him back?
Gazan B: Are you nuts? As soon as we give him back they're going to play Kick Our Ass.
Gazan A: You have a good point. Pass the peanuts.

It's too bad Sharon isn't still in office so he can start firing people who are thinking that maybe the evacuation wasn't such a good idea.

Finally we get to solutions. Israel has asked Abu Mazen to return the body safely. His miltary wing responded by sayng, "we have chemical and biological weapons, come and get him." We then asked our international supporters to help get our boy back and they requested that we don't do anything to destabilize the region.

In the end nothing will be done because we are a people without a leader. A body without a head, running around in circles because we have no clue which way is up.


JoeSettler said...

'Up' is where the Kassams fall from.

JoeSettler said...

There should be a moat from the Gaza fence to the sea. We should fill it up, and then let everything there drain off into the sea and wash down into Egypt.

After the moat dries back up - we move back in.

rockofgalilee said...

so you're suggesting that after we drain the first moat, the med sea will remian as an effective moat.
Not a bad suggestion at all.
As long as we have a working moat.

JoeSettler said...

The moat is moot.

JoeSettler said...

It sounds like Joe and Jameel are right.

rockofgalilee said...

I think the moat is very important. It will give us the feeling of impregnancy so that we can happily ignore the rockets.
Without a moat we will continue to feel like they are going to attack us by going under the wall.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

But our Nobel Prize Winning Leader, Shimon Peres said that NOTHING can be learned from history?

Maybe we could build a force field around Gaza with a Qassam tractor beam?

rockofgalilee said...

I think Peres Shmeres would agree about the need for a moat.