Tuesday, June 20, 2006

settlers are enemies

The Yisraeli newspaper is a recent newspaper phenomena in Israel that is competing against the mainstream press. There are two editions, morning and evening and it is given away for free at the train and bus stations. Advertising costs 20,000 shekel per day for a full page ad and they are getting advertisers. (what that means is that I can't afford to advertise in the Yisraeli, which I was thinking about doing.)

That is all just background information for those people who would have said,"I've never heard of the Yisraeli, it must not be a real paper"

This morning I read an article that the soldiers stationed around Psagot have been banned from visiting with the residents of that city. The unofficial reason given was because they don't want friendly relations to hamper the upcoming expulsion. In other words, the residents of Psagot should be looked at as enemies. It is dangerous to visit with them, as they may destroy the mission.
One resident says that that he has been hosting soldiers for the past 25 years and now he feels like they are treating him like a Palestinian. He doesn't feel that being friendly towards Israeli soldiers is bad for Israel.

Last Thursday night, Jameel's wife hosted Israeli soldiers for a BBQ at their Muqatan settlement. If this keeps up, those might be the last settler steaks those soldiers get to eat.

The army gave an official "security" reason for the ban on Psagot, but sees it as a weak excuse.

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