Monday, June 19, 2006

maybe realignment is good for Israel

A new perspective just hit me as I was reading through the daily news. The right wing uses the Gaza example showing one reason why the convergence plan will be bad for Israel. Bad for our morale, bad for our security and bad in all other aspects. Thinking through it rationally, there have been no positive aspects to the diengagement from Gaza from any perspective. From the looks of it, there will be no positive benefits to retreating from the West Bank. There will be nothing positive about giving the Arabs Jerusalem.

Obviously we are missing something here.

Israel has had numerous enemies over the past 50some years. Some of them blatantly hating us, others not so blatantly. Jordan has a peace agreement with us, as does Egypt, but there is nobody foolish enough to think they they won't join in the next war against Israel, tacitly at the very least. The British have made their hatred of Israel very well known, from the time before the modern State was created through today, as they are trying to put our officers on trial for war crimes. I don't even think we need to mention the French.

Looking at Sderot and the security situation since the disengagement, we would expect the British to stand firmly behind Israel and say, "Do it again." Jordan certainly has the ability to keep the Palestinians at bay for a couple of months while they silently encourage rockets sent at El Al planes leaving Ben Gurion international. Egypt should be smiling and saying, disengagement sounds cool, that will show the Gazans that they won and they should keep fighting on that side of the border. The French should be ecstatic at the prospect of more chaos in Israel.

I only wonder what we are missing here? What could possibly be so bad for the Jews in Israel that would make a convergence seem like a good thing for us? The convergence plan is based on giving the palestinians 90% of the West Bank. We already gave them 100% of the Gaza Strip. Is it practical for anyone to think that in negotiations they will receive 100% of the West Bank? Isreal is saying we won't negotiate anymore, here is 90% of what you want and the other side is saying "no, we will only accept it after we negotiate."

One possibility is that it will greatly empower Hamas and the rest of the Islamic brotherhood, which will then be bad for the rest of the world. Remember what happened to France a couple months ago, when the country was trashed by a bunch of muslims? Egypt and Jordan are barely holding onto their thrones amidst a sea of Islamists. Britain is being taken over by the brotherhood as well. (can you say terrorist wearing sneakers).

When your enemies don't like your plans, that generally shows that they think it is better for them without your plans. This is a rare case where what is bad for Israel will be infinitely worse for the rest of the world. There is no other possible explanation why our enemies would be against our suicidal plans.

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You haven't seen this opinion piece from ynet,7340,L-3263844,00.html

It is written by a Palestinian stand up comedian