Tuesday, June 06, 2006

PA referendum

Abu Mazen, otherwise known as Abbas, is trying to call a referendum of his local arabs to determine if they are interested in accepting a call to peace. Well actually it isn't a call to peace. It is a call to temporarily accept the '67 borders as the borders of a Palestinian state. Hamas opposes any declaration that will show them of having moderated at all.

Lets go to your local joe camel in East Rafiach.
Interviewer: Do you think the palestinian people should accept the '67 borders as a palestinian state and have a lasting peace with Israel?
Joe Camel: No way. We kicked them out of gaza. Next we're going to kick them out of jerusalem and then we're going to return to our homes in Jaffa and Haifa.
Interviewer: Don't you believe in peace?
Joe Camel: I believe that when all the jews leave our homes then there will be peace.
Interviewer: Did you vote for Hamas in the last election?
Joe Camel: Duh. Just like everyone else did. The Hamas kicked the jews out of our gazan homeland and they are currently getting them out of the entire west bank.

In the last election, the vast majority of the people voted against peace. Why does mazen think that this time they will change their minds? Because a bunch of prisoners, who just want to get out, have said that they should give up on their national aspirations? I think not.

If abbas had any intelligence, he would not have even suggested a referendum, in the same way that sharon did not want a national referendum on jewish gaza after he saw how badly he lost in the Likud referendum.


JoeSettler said...

Joe Camel!!!!

Even the indirect connection is insulting!

rockofgalilee said...

I've heard people refer to them as little sheetheads.

I just look at them as your average joe camel.