Monday, June 05, 2006

lights out

Well the boys at the Electric Company decided to show Haifa just who was really running the country and they shut off our power without any warning. It's probbaly a warning to the whole country. Yesterday, our power at home was shut off for an hour and someone told me that downtown Haifa was off as well. Today it was Technion campus that got hit without warning.
At least I got to find out what some of the problems with my network setup were. Our UPSes didn't all work, so they have to be fixed, it did give me some down time to go around plugging things in that needed to be plugged in without requesting a couple minutes for a shutdown from everyone.

It was an enjoyable break, but now back to life.
My in-laws have come in to visit, which some people may consider a bad thing but I personally enjoy. I'm just a little concerned that after they leave the a/c will remain on and that is hugely expensive. I don't mind turning it on in August but June? We're just getting used to the heat.
Anyways, the reason they're in is because my brother-in-law is going under the knife to have his heart fixed on Wednesday. Everyone say tehillim. benzion yehuda ben chana rachel.
I decided to take a vacation day so we wouldn't have to go crazy trying to workout where the kids go and everything after school. Then I found out a friend came in from the states so I might be able to get together with him that day as well. So I was thinking of findiong a babysitter for my littlest who finishes gan at 1 and going on a mad hike and getting home by 3:30 when the other kids are finished. It sounds rational to me, but my wife thinks that going on a pleasure janut while her brother is being cut up might not be in the spirit of the day. Obviously, I don't agree.
In the end it will depend on whether my friend has time to come all the way up to our end of the country or not and if I can find a babysitter for the little guy.

I'm looking forward to Yehudiya.

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Jerusalemcop said...

yehudiya is the best hike in Israel (IMHO). Over the years that I've been here, I've done it maybe 10-12 times. I lost count.