Sunday, June 18, 2006

What sucks about Quiddich

I've been reading Harry Potter recently. It's an enjoyable clean read and it keeps me in the ballpark of my oldest daughter's imagination. I read the first in English, the second in both English and Hebrew and now I'm working on the third one in only hebrew. One of the nice things about reading these stories in Hebrew is that it really contains a lot of conversation, which is what I am looking to learn, so it is increasing my vocabulary and knowledge of the normal ways to say things (Hebrew is not a direct translation of English.)

For those non-Harry Potter readers, Quiddich is a game played by witches and wizards on flying brooms. It is kind of like that game that you play in bumbper cars where you try to catch a ball with a net and throw it in the hoop, but a lot more complicated. (My sister just reminded me the name of the game is whirlyball, and she doesn't know if it is played outside of the great midwest.)

Harry gets a brand new broom so that he can go faster then everyone else. This is what sucks about Quiddich. The winners are the people with the best equipment, not necessarily the best players. Every good sport regulates the equipment so that equipment is not a factor in winning the game. In baseball, for example, players are not allowed to cork their bats because it makes the ball go farther. In hockey, the sticks have to be regulation size. You can't play with a stick that gives you a two inch advantage over the other players. I actually was at a game where they made someone switch sticks. In basketball you can't wear shoes with springs in them to make you jump higher. Quiddich, on the other hand, is stacked so that the guy who can afford the best equipment has the best chance of winning.

Until this problem is fixed, Quiddich will never, at least in my mind, be a real sport.


Rolling hills of green said...

You didn't happen to mention the very intresting shabbos meal our little visiter had.

JoeSettler said...

Maybe the stick is like sneakers. You can wear whatever sneakers give you a better advantage in running/jumping etc.

rockofgalilee said...

You can't wear sneakers with springs in them, or with rocket boosters.
When Air Jordans came out, there was a whole todo to determine if they could use them or not.