Sunday, June 11, 2006

Our Land

Picture this:
You are walking in the hills of the Galilee enjoying nature in God's own country. You walk for about an hour and you don't even see one bear. The birds are chirping happily and flying around playing tag with each other. You sit down on a log in the middle of nowhere and watch some Persian fallow deer drink from a stream, unafraid. Mountains on the right and mountains on the left, the path goes straight through the middle. You can climb the mountains and explore. Other people have been there before. There is not an inch of virgin land anywhere in Israel. You may find something interesting, but you probably won't. You can play in the stream if you'd like, fresh cold spring water. There are fish swimming around, though if you try to catch one you'll probably just get wet.
This is your home and your land because God gave it to you.

I like to tell my children stories of tzaddikim who may or may not have walked right where we have walked. They generally don't believe me, which is good because I'm generally making up the story. I feel that most of the stories of tzaddikim are generally exaggerated and untrue in any case.

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