Sunday, June 18, 2006

canada is magog

I've picked up a small ice coffee habit recently. I don't drink coffee and I'm off of coke, because of my diet (which is going very well, thank you for asking) so when I don't sleep well at night I am very tired in the morning. Ice coffee is the perfect answer between coffee and coke because it is like a slurpee, (but not, don't ever confuse any frozen drink in Israel with a slurpee. you'll be disappointed) and it doesn't have coke in it, but it does have caffeine. I guess it tastes like coffee but it is cold and doesn't bother me so much. It's a 10 shek once a week habvit right now, so I'll survive.

I learned something interesting in the daf yomi yesterday (yoma not rosh hashana). We all know that the masicah is supposed to come in the aftermath of the great war between gog and magog. We don't really know who these nations are and people have often suggested that the world warss have been between gog and magog, or it was the cold war between the US and Russia etc... It turns out that magog is the son of yafes, the son of Noah. The gemara discusses who each one of yefes' kids are. Magog is listed as Canadia.

Now we know half of the participants in the war and we can say with absolute certainty that Gog is going to win.


Dave Toxik said...

We Canadians don't have the military mindest, personnel, or equipment to go initiate war with anyone.

rockofgalilee said...

That's why I suggested that Gog was going to totally thrash youall.