Thursday, June 22, 2006

computax sucks

I went to the CompuTax show yesterday at the Tel Aviv exhibition center and I was totally disappointed. My goal was basically to meet vendors and see what was out there.
The vendors who were there weren't interested in talking business, they were interested in selling products to individuals. However, we aren't talking about retail stores, these are distributors. There were a few vendors who were interested in finding out what I was interested in, but when I asked questions I mostly got a response to look at their website. And if I leave my business card, someone would get back to me.

There were a couple of interesting things to see, but it certainly wasn't worth the time and effort of going.

I had signed up for an IT strategy lecture before the show to make a full day of it, and that was partly fairly interesting. The guy tried to bring a proof that managing IT strategy correctly was the key to success because in a PWC survey companies who align their IT startegy with their business strategy are much more successful then those that don't.
I suggested that maybe the companies that don't align their IT strategy don't understand business as an entity and that's why they are less successful. He said he knows a lot of people who are good at business and don't align their IT and aren't as successful and I explained that those people might be good at sales or other aspects of business, but they don't understand business as a whole. At which point he said exactly right and kept going.

The point is that IT isn't the cause for business success, rather if you don't understand how to manage your operation as a congruent entity then you obviously won't do as well if you did have everything going in the same direction.

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