Monday, June 26, 2006

guns aren't muktzah

Last night at the hilchos shabbos shiur we were discussing various
kinds of muktzah and weapons came up. There were two opinions brought
down that weapons were not muktzah.

Rav Goren, the first chief rabbi of the Israeli army, said that it is
a "kli shemelachto leheter", a vessel whose primary use is permissable
on shabbos, because it is a mitzva to shoot the enemy even on shabbos.

Rav SZ Auerbach also said that it is a kli shemelachto leheter. His
reason reasoning was because the primary use of a weapon is not using
the weapon. Rather, the primary purpose of a weapon is deterrence.

In the end the rabbis psak was it depends on the situation and why you
want to carry the weaon as to whether it is allowed or not. I just
wanted to share an odd bit of trivia with you.

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