Wednesday, June 14, 2006

mondail or mondale

My wife took me out for dinner the other night to Morgenfelds for my birthday. Morgenfeld's is a South American steak house in moshav Liman, a small moshav approximately a 5 minute drive from Rosh Hanikra. While the restaurant is not kosher lemehadrin, some of their meat is glatt and they will be happy to tell you which one if you ask. Of course you have to know who to ask. We asked the waitress if she could ask Marcell which meat was chalak (the hebrew word for glatt). She said they all were. I told her that Marcell said that some of them were and some of them weren't, so could she please go and clarify. She came back and said that the sinta was and the others weren't. That made sense because the other times we had been there the sinta was glatt, though the last time the Asta was too. We ordered the special, which is an antipasta plate, a specific appetizer and a main dish for 100 shek. If you order them separately it would come out to 125 shek, so it is a good deal (but yo!
u have to get antipasta instead of wings, which everyone would most likely order if they were just ordering an appetizer).

Sitting next to us was a bunch of English people, not just English speakers but real britim. They were a funny group and it seemed like they had a special relationship with the owner of the restaurant, and I surmised that he married into the family. My wife didn't think that it was nice that I was talking about them the whole time, even though they didn't hear me.

The mondail was on the big screen tv the whole time, I think it was brazil against some other team. Mondail, for those that don't know, is the guy who lost to Reagen in the 1984 presidential elections. He not only lost, he lost badly. The only 2 places he won were Minnesota (his home state) and Washington DC (not a state). Europeans, who have a habit of loving things that Americans hate and vice versa, chose Mondale to represent the soccer championship. So they took the guy who America rejected and used him to represent the sport that America rejected. Very appropriate. Though Walter Mondale doesn't spell his name the same way the Europeans do, that is because Europeans don't know how to spell. Even in England, the country where the English language evolved from, they throw in the letter U in random places. Note: That the canadians also do this just shows that their language has not finished its evolutionary cycle yet, though it is light years ahead of the British. As an asi!
de, Walter Mondale has Norwegian ancestry and is very proud of that.

After dinner we walked around the beach for a little bit. All in all it was a very enjoyable evening.

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Hope you had a happy birthday :)