Thursday, August 10, 2006

the agreement

2nd siren of the day. One of my co-workers is in her 9th month now and she only made it down 3 flights of stairs before giving up. The problem with the sirens is that they are like the boy who cried wolf. At least at home in the middle of the siren you hear them crashing down so you have some sense of reality. Here, they fall somewhere but it doesn't impact you as much as a big boom.

So my boss and I yelled at each other for about an hour this morning. He apologized for what he wrote and blamed it on the language, because he wrote it in English. I don't buy it but I do the same thing when I speak in Hebrew, so I accepted it. We ended up agreeing that we disagree with each other in principle.

Starting Monday, I will start coming in to the office 4 times a week and Tuesdays I will work from Jerusalem. They won't give me a car because they think the bus is fine.

I'm not happy, but they're not happy either and that makes it even.

I'm not looking for a new job yet, mostly because I like this company, and that's what counts.

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Just Shu said...

How long of a commute is it from Jerusalem to Haifa?