Sunday, August 13, 2006

busy day at work

It's been busy today at work. We spent an hour running up and down the stairs as the Hizballah figured out that if they shoot rockets at 15 minute intervals it will be sure to tire us out. It worked, by the 3rd siren our pregnant (8th month) secretary didn't even bother to get up and by the 5th one they didn't even break up a meeting. I went downstairs for each one with my zalzel backup in hand.

A zalzel backup is a special onetime backup that protects the company in case our building gets hit by a zalzel missile and all our data gets fried.

Supposedly we are having a cease fire on Monday so the Hizballah wants to empty its current stock so they have room for the more advanced stuff the Iranians and Syrians will be passing to them on the unsecured border starting on Tuesday.

The cease fire includes humiliating terms for Israel. We will have a new multinational force on the Lebanese border to protect the Hizballah. Remember when they took a video of a kidnapping about a year ago and "forgot" that it existed for a couple months. This new force will include French and Lebanese troops (you don't have to laugh when we use French and troops in the same sentence). That the Lebanese and the French will protect us against Hizballah is ridiculous.

The soldiers that were kidnapped were not even put into the cease frie text, rather they were included in the introduction that the hope is that there will be a prisoner exchange.

Not only that but Israel is expected to give some territorial concessions.

The only good part is that we'll be able to return home, no small matter. The obvious question is when we'll be forced to flee again in the face of a more advanced Hizballah.
Getting rid of this government with its complete lack of military experience or competence is an absolute must in this day of military threats against our country.

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