Sunday, August 13, 2006

knitting donations

My apologies to Safranit for taking so long in putting this up.

Safranit has donated and is organizing more donations of knitting materials for peopole stuck in the bomb shelters. There are a ton of people just sitting there with nothing to do and they appreciate the effort.


Anonymous said...

A small note to Safranit, you truly made doc's wife a happy person with this donation..... if there is any farmer willilng to donate a live sheep for doc's wife to keep in her yard so she can have a permanent source of wool , well... that would be the epitome of happiness... trust us on this one! (I am sure doc would love it too'll save future luggage space!!)
signed, doc's and doc's wife daughter

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I could be of help....when you return she returns from the US, there will be more coming!