Wednesday, August 23, 2006

protest at the technion

My taxi took me up to technion campus this morning as usual and the gate was closed. This was strange because we weren't expecting anything like this. So he drove me to the main gate and there was a large protest going on there against the Technion. There were some interesting signs up for example:
"A katyusha leaves point X at a speed of Y, how long will it take to injure a student"
"The Technion is an embarrassment"
"Give Students a break"

Apparantly, they are not happy with the way the Technion is dealing with the students in the aftermath of the war. Keep in mind that a large number of students are in reserve duty and were called up. They want tests to be postponed and to be given better benefits.

When we got to the main entrance, the taxi driver asked me to do him a favor and walk the rest of the way to the office because he had to take his father in law to chemotherapy. The main gate is much farther away from my office (a 15 minute walk at a decent pace), but I agreed because I wouldn't want someone to miss a chemotherapy appointment just because of a little protest.

There was one small gate open for traffic this morning, but from what I understand there is such a backup it is taking a long time to get in.


docyaak said...

it takes a very sensitive person to forgo a ride so someone else wont miss a chemotherapy session. we're proud of you;)

Rolling hills of green said...

so i was told that every year they raise tuition ans every year there is a protest. Not that I am belittling what they are protesting, because I don't really know all the details.