Tuesday, August 22, 2006

life goes on

The problem with war, or at least one of the problems with war, is that there is so much to write about and talk about. As soon as you are out of the conflict everything else seems so mundane compared to what you wrote about over the past month.

I could continue talking about the public inquiry, the chief of staff's stocks or the movement to topple the government. There are plenty of other Israeli scandals to go around as well. Yair Lapid, a journalist who I enjoy reading and don't agree with in general, said that the media carries a lot of the blame for the way they covered this war. (Kudos to my wife for giving me that article)

Maybe I'm just tired because my littlest didn't sleep well last night. I'm getting the feeling that he is having anxiety attacks. Also my email address was stolen, sort of. I didn't renew my domain (I was busy dodging a war) and someone else picked it up. Anyone who was trying to send me emails, please let me know and I'll send you my new address.

The kids got their school supplies yesterday and they were very excited about that. It looks like school will actually start on time, though the building needs a lot of work. There was a family moving to our village from Canada this summer, and they had raised some money to help fix up the school, but then because of the war they decided to move to Beersheva. She told me she was still getting the money for us, but I haven't heard from her since they arrived.

I had a religious discussion about this war with Jameel when we visited him last week, and I'm planning on sharing that with you in the coming days.

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