Tuesday, August 29, 2006

ron arad

The mere mention of his name evokes such passion in your average Israeli and Zionistic foriegner (maybe we'll just call them expats). Is he alive and what have they done to him. Even if he comes home, will he be psychologically able to cope with freedom?

The big question, of course, is "what are the Lebanese up to"? Is this video to stick their tongues out at us and say, you can bomb our country all you want, but you can't find your pilot"? Is this video to remind us what will happen to the 2 soldiers who were kidnapped in Lebanon recently if we don't play ball with them?

Are they going to show us a video of a Muslim Ron Arad with his new Muslim family?

I sure hope not.
Whatever their reasoning, this is just a small part of the major psychological warfare initiative that the Lebanese/Iranians are putting together in their battle against Israel.

The media should consider that before printing reports which can further demoralize us.

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