Tuesday, August 15, 2006

dissolving and solving

I was in town as I have been once a week since we were away. The bird was fine but the grass was drier. From Haifa and northwards, though less in Nahariya and Maalot, people and cars were visible and it was quiet with people smiling and taking first steps back to normalcy. The first morning after the cease fire, there were not enough people travelling out of town in the morning to fill up the sherut and bus service was still not back to normal just yet. But I saw a passenger train on its way north of south Acco and there was an announcement that bus service will be free for residents moving back home upcountry. I felt tears coming to my eyes as I was looking over some vital mail relating to the school year and catching some sense of belonging as I was on the bus as though sharing a movie in the old style movie theatres. And I heard stories about bedrooms for 250 shekel a night in Tel Aviv and 500 shekel a night hotel rooms in Eilat. The regular Mercedes taxi driver wanted to take 20 shekel instead of 9 for the ride to Nahariya. From macro us and them, its back to micro dog eat dog. The town is remarkably clean and inviting looking and few really trust that savescreen but certainly prefer it (or not) to the others they have come to know this past month. Or as CSN&Y used to sing - I am yours, you are mine, you are what you are....And you make it hard. ("suite: judy blue eyes")

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