Thursday, August 10, 2006

back at work

The morning started off with a siren at 9:05 AM. We all walked down to the bomb shelter, waited 5 minutes and came right back up. I arrived at work at 8:40, so I had time to sit down at my desk before running downstairs. We didn't hear the bang so I don't know where it hit.

Interesting News.
The house of the mother of Mayor Krumla of Maale Yosef got a direct katyusha hit. She is fine, though a bit stressed out.

According to a source in paratroopers, the UN is actively helping the Hizballah transfer weapons. We assumed this, but apparantly they actually know it.

The Rav of Moshav Strula, a known Kabbalist, said that Nasrallah was going to die last night at 10. So far they haven't reported this.

A grandmother who is a shepard in a border community who won the Israel prize lost one of her sheep across the border and she is requesting Hizballah to return it safely.

In the middle of a gunfight, one paratrooper yelled out that if they make it out alive he would have a bbq at his house in Jerusalem. The rest of the firefight the other soldiers were trying to get exact directions to his house from the different places they would be coming from.

A camp was organized for kids (aged 9-15) from the North in the center of the country. The only glitch was that the parents who had already left would have to take their kids back to the north so that they could be evacuated.

We had a refugee bbq last night with some friends and they announced that within 2 weeks we will be back home.

A divorced father yelled at a social worker for allowing his ex-wife to take refuge in a city in the center with his child because it ruins his visitation rights.

A woman just complained that she is forced to buy her meat for shabbos at an Arab store because she was afraid that the Jewish store in the village right next door was going to get bombed.

I have a new source for actual stories from the north.


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