Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Discussion at work

I came to work today in Haifa (only one siren so far) as part of my come to work once a week program. My boss wanted to discuss the situation with me and told me that he was not happy with the telecommuting and I told him that I also wasn't happy with the telecommuting.
He offered to rent me an apartment in one of the nearby villages so that it would be easier for me to come to work every day. I even went to look at a couple places in Kiryat Tivon.

I don't think that's going to happen, but I did my part of looking at it.

There are a bunch of options that we discussed, so I'll see what the
best is for them family.


Anonymous said...

What was wrong with telecommuting is my question? I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and have never been to the office of my employer in this city ever. I moved here two years ago from Los Angeles and there is no reason fro me to go there. I have my DSL, voice mail, computer, printer, cell hone, office phone etc so there is no need to go there. I work out of my home office and my company is totally fine with that since I do make my sales numbers each quarter. Since Hezbollah is sending rockets into your neighborhoods, I would think it would be good to be off the roads and safe in your own home working. Just my opinion.

rockofgalilee said...

In principle, there is no problem with telecommuting. One problem is that I am not used telecommuting, and I am very distracted here.
Another problem is that they are not used to telecommuting and therefore they are waiting a week for me to come into the office to discuss things with me instead of using the phone.
A third problem is we are not set up for telecommuting, so I use software to see my computer screen at work which makes everything very slow.
The final problem is that there are some things that actually need my physical presence that aren't being dealt with because I'm not there.