Friday, August 04, 2006

heating up

The doctors in Nahariya Hospital were put on alert for the next 3 days as the situation is expected to seriously heatup. Accorsing to earwitness reports, it has already started heating up and it was quite loud in our village today. Our friends are staying in the hospital for shabbos, where it is a bit safer??

We took the kids to kiftzuba again today, which kept them nice and busy for the betyter part of the day. It looks like I might
be going home for a couple hours on Sunday. This time I'm hoping to take someone up with stuff to give out to the poor unfortunate who are living in bomb shelters or worse.


FrumWithQuestions said...

Continue to stay safe and remember that we are praying and learning for you guys here in America and all of Chutz Laaretz or Shutz Laaretz as one of my friends who is a new Olah says.

Anonymous said...

I know its been hard, but it looks as if Israel is going to come out on top. Nasrallah's threat to strike Tel Aviv is seen by commentators here as a sign of desparation as he's also offering a truce.

Hold on, you're going to win!