Sunday, August 06, 2006

Docs Wife

Had a great Shabbat, I went to the hospital with all the stuff, four boxes of stuff including a warming plata, the food was great ..I made it all...the company was great Doc and I, but the scenery was not so good, we went out a couple of times to feed the cats our leftover soup and cholent, they were starving.
The hospital is READYand working. They have taken over most of radiology for a big emergency, they have 20 stretchers where the waiting area was and a crash room that could accomodate 6 and a room for slightly injured people, what a lot of planning had gone into this! they even built a road in ONE HOUR to give access for the ambulances. Doc took me on a tour of the underground hospital which is something else, people in wards mens or womens with nursing stations and computers and people all over. The air conditioning is good and the patients are safe and very well looked after. Every Doctor who is the head of a unit had to stay all Shabbat and more, so they made rounds a few times a day and spent a lot of time with the patients. The walls are unfinished concrete apart from the childrens wards, they are painted with stensils and beautifully painted.
I don't want to go into the greif and pain of the people who came in on Shabbat I feel for them all, Arabs, Beduin, Druzim and Jews.

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