Monday, August 21, 2006

comission of inquiry

Israelis are very focused. They like to have one issue and talk about it for some time and then find another issue and forget about the first one.
Nobody cares about the chief of staffs stocks anymore, now we are talking about commission of inquiry. This will last 3 days until it is time to talk about some other scandal or problem with society here.

The question is what will a commission of inquiry tell us? Will it say that the Prime Minister and defense minister had no clue what they were doing? If it does will they care? Will it condemn government ministers for not going to the north to show support while the northern residents were in their bomb shelters?

The stories that you hear are that everyone was disorganized, the orders didn't make sense and the commanders didn't know what was going on. I've never been in a war before, is this common?

The only positive that everyone agrees on is that the soldiers themselves were very motivated and displayed a high degree of professionalism. It's too bad the politicians and upper echelons of the government thought that they were toy soldiers meant to be thrown around at whim.

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Rolling hills of green said...

next year will be declared 'year of the north' according to arutz sheva. What do you think that means for us!