Monday, August 14, 2006

Ceasefire is good for israel

Its been a very quiet day. No running down to the bomb shelter, no loud, annoying air raid sirens and no booms. There are actually people out on the street walking around and enjoying the hot weather. Last week you wouldn't have seen a soul walking around. Hopefully we'll even be able to go home soon.

Everyone is saying that Israel lost this war big time. We didn't accomplish any of our goals. The terms are demeaning and humiliating. The war will probably break out again in another 6 months. We, as would all the other refugees and bomb shelter dwellers, would prefer to keep our status for another couple weeks if that's what it takes to actually win.

Why would I say that the ceasefire is good for Israel? You have to look at the reason why Israel lost this war to understand that. Israel has no leadership. The prime minister has said on more then one occassion that he is "tired of defeating our enemies." He was a reporter in the army and has no fighting experience. The defense minister worked in the supply chain and has spent the past number of years holding Israel hostage as the head of the labor union. This is like a beevis and butthead movie, though we certainly don't want to insult beevis or butthead. The fact is that as long as Olmert and Peretz are running the show the Israeli army is fighting with both arms tied behind their backs and clear instructions not even to try and spit at their enemies. It would be a complete massacre to try and actually win this war without leadership.

Lets thank God that we were only humiliated this time, throw out the crappy politicians and put some people in power who are not tired and who want to win.



Hi, I was reading your blog and I am so very happy that there are no bombs being heard today. However, I am still afraind something is going is going to happen. I hope I am wrong. God bless you and all of Israel and your soldiers and their families and especially the ones that lost their lives. It saddened me everyday to hear that more were killed everyday that this went on. AS...does it every single day I hear of the soldiers of our country that lose their lives in Iraq. I am from the USA as you can see by now.
Take care & LOVE TO ALL .

Anonymous said...

"The prime minister . . . was a reporter in the army and has no fighting experience. The defense minister worked in the supply chain and has spent the past number of years holding Israel hostage as the head of the labor union."

Who elected these guys anyway?

How can you blame democratically elected leaders? Did they lie during the election campaign?

The Lebanese had Syrian interference to blame for their failure to stop Hezballah from taking over. What is Israel's excuse?

Please blame the voters.

Unknown said...

The voters can only vote for those who are running in the election. And these guys were the best there was. They can at least be called crappy leaders. Everyone else weren't even crappy leaders. They were just a bunch of pathetic goons who had a narrow agenda to get money out of the government for their miserly needs.

So who should we have voted for? We just picked the least of all the evils.

What we really need is some normal people to run in the election, but no one wants to volunteer for the job. How about Jameel? I'll vote for him.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Mr Rock man as prime minister with Jameel as minister of defence. I did not vote for Omert or Peretz and I am glad.

mississippimud2007 said...

Ceasefire is good? It seems the hudnah hasn't lasted long. 10 katyushas fired towards israel BREAKING ON CNN.

rockofgalilee said...

I have absolutely no military experience, so I'm afraid I wouldn't be an optimal prime minister here. I would vote for Jameel, though

Anonymous said...

You have to be kidding, right? Israel has a war time photographer/journalist as PM and a defense minister whose military credentials consisted in being in the rear with the gear? And this guy was a leftist union leader to boot?

This would be the equivalent of electing left wing Demorats here in the US to fight the war on terror.

I think Israel society in general has been emasculated. And now you've got left wing pussies defending y'all. The way your leaders fought this war was a disgrace. They were too concerned with world opinion and now Israel's enemies know it can be defeated with bluster and propoganda. You boys and girls need to butch up. Adopting Joshua's battle plan would be a start.

Bibi is the one Israel needs