Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Docs Wife

Have not written for a whle because I have been a little down, We are still being pounded, to-day it started at 11:00 which was later than usual, what do we do? do we protect our soldiers by letting them fire at Lebanon from a little distance or do we risk our boys and send them in by foot to clean out the places that are pounding ME...maybe they should send in Mothers and Grandmothers (me). to slap Hetzballah up the side of their heads. I am still visiting the hospital every evening to visit the Doc who is staying there just in case...Just spent the worst five minutes of my life trying to remember Tefillas HaDerech stuck between my village and Naharya with the radio telling me there are sirens I get out and hide or just put the foot down and drive faster but still safely, I opted for speed.

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