Thursday, August 17, 2006

no pool

Yael Dayan, daughter of the late Moshe Dayan, feels that " is unacceptable that as I can buy shawarma someone can buy a woman." I also don't feel that it should be as easy to buy a woman as a shawarma. That being said, I don't feel it is that easy. There are shawarma kiosks all over the place and I have never seen or heard of a place to buy a woman. I've heard that it is possible, but more in theory then an actual woman store. Maybe I just don't hang out in the same kind of places as she does.

We had a nice BBQ last night and I tried to put up the swimming pool for the kids, but it didn't work. The ground was too slanted. I'm probably going to dig up the ground and make a flat surface. There's a lot of that kind of work that I have to do before the winter comes. I have a strong feeling that I am not going to get most of my summer work done this year because of the war. It will take a little while before things get back in order.

Today there was a siren malfunction and it went off in areas northeast of us. Completely freaked people out. I heard stories of people jumping out of windows, though that seems a bit exaggerated to me. If you jump out of your window that doesn't do anything for you. A moving target is only harder to hit if they are aiming at you. If they are shooting randomly, a moving object is just as likely to be hit as one standing still.

It was good to sleep in my own bed last night and it is good to be home.


docyaak said...

maybe you can ask for donations to help flatten the land for an even pool ground

Yaakova said...

A woman store! What a hilarious concept! But of course Yael Dayan (sp?) meant a woman's sexual services-- and I agree with her that it's shameful how women's "services" are available for a price-- and that the "johns" are not viewed as the more responsible party in these transactions.

rockofgalilee said...

I'm just saying its not as easy as buying a shawarma