Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I sent my boss an email that it wasn't plausible for us to move back up north right now. We have 2 options, 1 is to fix the telecommuting problem and the 2nd is for me to come in 3 or 4 times a week.

He responded with an email basically saying that I put work on a very low priority and he wasn't happy about it. The examples he gave made me rather angry. He was on vacation when the war started and missed a lot of the story. I came in to work and requested permission to telecommute. I was given that permission by my other boss. I told him I would come in once a week to take care of things and he agreed. I was in twice before my regular boss came back. He wrote in this email that I only came in after he urged me to, and that everyone else came in and let them know their special situations and they helped them out. They provide a nanny for one family and special transportation for another. He said I didn't even bother to come in to discuss it.

Tomorrow I'm going back in to discuss this with him. One of the problems is that he doesn't like the fact that I live an hour away from work (on the border) so he does put some of the blame that I can't be at work on my shoulders. I'm just so frustrated right now, that it's hard to get anything done.


BarbaraFromCalifornia said...


I received your email. I will contact you when we come to Israel. We are leaving this morning, and I will arrange to send something your way.

May you have a safe day, and stay strong!

Veev said...

Stinkin' Hizbullah. They keep screwing everything up.

docyaak said...

maybe your boss will get called up and then you can stay doing what your doing with the other boss

Anonymous said...

Hey, Rock. I'm one of the bloggers at and I'd like to post (and of course link to you) about your telecommuting woes. But I'm confused . . . are you telecommuting because of the war, or was this something that was going to happen anyway? I searched on your blog for a post describing how this came about, but couldn't find one. Some background would be great, so I can explain to Israelity readers why you are in this jam. Thanks very much.

rockofgalilee said...


I came into work on Monday after the first days of the bombing with the whole family. We were planning on going home that night, but a friend in Jerusalem offered us an apartment. The plan was then to send the wife and kids and I would stay and work. My friend then offered me a place to work and I requested permission to telecommute, which I received.
We're not really set up for telecommuting, either technologically or psychologically, so that is the source of consternation at the moment.