Friday, August 11, 2006

shabbat in the shomron

I'm standing here at Jameel's computer deep in the shomron where we are for shabbos. We're actually staying at our neighbor's parents house with his wife and kids. Our neighbor himself has been called up to serve and protect our country by wiping out the bad guys in Lebanon. He is part of a special paratroopers unit. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. For reference this is the niurse's husband. His wife, the nurse, is kind of stressed out right now so pray for her too.

In interesting news today:

Rav Meidan, a 70 year old rabbi from Gush Etzion volunteered to hand out food to residents of Nahariya. He feels that it is the least he can do to help and wants to set a personal example for his students. Kol Hakavod.

Our friend's sister's neighbors house in Nahariya was completely destroyed by a katyusha hit today.

Next week they are planning to evacuate the weaker sector from border communities. There are no hotel rooms available in the country so we're not exactly sure where they're going to put them.

Have a good shabbos. I'll be at work on Sunday and I'll be able to let you know of a new initiative to help out the northern communities who have a factory that manufactures Judaica and Jewish Art items that are really hurting right now because they can't work.

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