Tuesday, August 01, 2006

in the zone

If you thought the politicians were just yakking it up about the upcoming ground offensive, think again. On my drive up north I saw a hell of a lot (approved by the Jameel censorship authority) of tanks coming this way. For those who are curious, tanks only drive themselves when they want to destroy things, when they are just going from place to place they get a ride on a truck. In Israel we call this tremping.

I arrived in the hot zone and first did a quick tour to make sure that everything was still standing. I didn't see any more damage then I saw the first time I returned. Right now we have a consistant boom/rumble, which I understand are "outgoings" which means that they are good booms. (I don't believe that they are all outgoing because some of them sound closer then others, but I'm an untrained ear)

I also went over to the people distributing charity and gave them another wad of cash to hand out. Thanks to all of you for the donations you've sent in. Keep them coming, there are a lot of good people here who need them.

I'm taking a couple more people out with me when I leave, this time a couple teenagers. It's hard to live in the bomb shelter and the instructions for our area are not to leave your shelter unless you need to.

I'm eating dinner topnight with the doc and his wife and I'll keep you updated if things get exciting.

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you missed russian canyion its left upper corner on all the window...