Thursday, August 24, 2006

going camping

We may be going camping tonight at Achziv Beach or we may just have a bbq there in the evening or we may do nothing. Apparantly, this is what we agreed on with our friends who we discussed going out with. Achziv Beach is a very nice area. It was a Cananite village that was destroyed in the time of Joshua and later on it had a Byzantine church built on it that was destroyed, probably during the Ottomans.
There is a nice shallow inlet, blocking the waves with a row of rocks, that makes a very pool for the kids to play in. The tents are pitched on the grass and it is pretty comfortable. The main problem is that it is right next to the Banana Beach with is open all night, often playing loud music.

Anothre big advantage is it will probably be empty. Most people prefer to camp around the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) because of its fresh water. This palce is also very close to the hot zone. We're not expecting any conflagrations tonight. But if you hear of any booms, start to pray for us.

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