Friday, July 21, 2006

2 helicopters collide

Two apache helicopters collided in mid-air last night on their way to help the fighting near Kfar Bloom. Kfar Bloom has "separate" kayaking on the Jordan River, for religious people who don't want to see members of the other gender (un)dressed in bathing suits. They have different days/hours for men and women. Interesting concept.

4 soldiers have been killed in the fighting at Avivim and 8 wounded. The wounded were evacuated to the Ziv hospital in Tzfat. I found out that the Rambam hospital in Haifa was not hit as I reported a couple days ago. Another report was that the Ziv hospital was hit then, but apparantly it is still in working order.

Don't forget this is still a war on 2 fronts. While Hizballah is getting most of the publicity, the Gaza strip is still hopping. Kasam (primitive) missiles are being constantly shot at the people in southern Israel. The community of Sderot hasn't been able to safely leave their bomb shelter for about a month now. Keep them in your prayers as well.

In other (bad/ good...not sure) news the head of the mossad promised the arabs that he would release a large number of prisoners in exchange for Shalit, the soldier kidnapped in Gaza that started this whole incident. Negotiating under fire is a bad idea, but we do need to do anyting we can to bring our boys home. Will this cause more kidnapping attempts? Probably. We can only pray.

I don't think I will get back to the computer before Saturday night/sunday. (one of the problems being in exile).

Keep safe and be well.

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