Thursday, July 20, 2006

Late night part 2

I forgot to write what part of yesterday was a late night.

So after the meeting with the social worker we went back to the kotel (western wall) because my wife hadn't been there yet. We had a baby sitter until 12:30, who was recommended by our friends. We found the old city with little difficulty and met my sister in the square in front.

I went to the mens side and my wife and sister went to the women's side. I find the perek of tehillim (chapter of psalms) that I was looking for last time, the third one is how King David felt as he fled from his son Avshalom. Number 23 also seemed extra appropriate and as I uttered the ancient words "also when I walk through the shadow of the valley of death I feel no fear for you are with me" I had a greater understanding of the feeling that God is protecting us. Finally I read through the portion of Haazinu, the second to last in the Torah where Moshe appoints the heavens and earth as witnesses as he tells the good and the bad that can happen to the Jews.

They have redone a lot of the prayer area in front of the wall and you can look all the way down to the original base of the wall. The sense of history and emotion that overcomes you as you think of all that this wall has been through is almost unbearable. God has kept it here for us as a remembrance of what we once had. Touching those ancient stones causes a shiver to run down my spine.

When I got back, my wife was in tears. She was sitting there and heard someone else talking about what was going on in our village and how this person has relatives there who can't live. She was talking about all the things that were destroyed and the scary stories that people were going through. She couldn't listen anymore and walked away.

We then got very lost trying to find our way back home and got home exactly at the 12:30 time that the babysitter was supposed to be home.

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