Friday, July 28, 2006

Docs Wife

We are being katushya'd again, time for a break. Yesterday someone called up and told me her husband is going "up" and could I make come cookies? well, two hours and a big shoe box later I had enough cookies to feed an army.
I am cooking for Shabbat, just the two of us unless someone else turns up. I put up a huge flag facing North just to say "up yours" Hetzballah. Doc just called to see how I am and told me to keep my" head up and chin down".
U.N. is yelling about having some of their people killed but remember these are the guys who FILMED the last abduction and kept quiet for a year about it while the parents of the men worried. U.N. used to have bunkers just north of us and after Hetzballah shot rockets at us sheltered them, now they are being used as sheilds..go figure. While I am at it they are also using Christian Arabs as sheilds in the villages that have amunition storage so I am very sorry but if it comes to my soldiers having to in to "clean out" the area I think they should flatten the lot first so my kids don't have to worry about booby traps and stuff like that. I have no sense of humour to-day, sorry.
The birds are fine, trying to teach Tookey "Scotland the Brave" be he, she, it is really stupid and just tweets,

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