Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tanach Festival

Last night was the annual tanach (bible) festival in our village. I got there a bit late, but the kids were having a great time. There were about 10 people from the community dressed up as:
King David,
Ben Sorer oo Moreh,
Og melekh haBashan and more.

There was a large variety of activities, and presentations. The kids got to make various Jewish themed arts and craft projects, including a mezuza cover and bencher holder. There was a Bikurim parade, including flutists. There were songs about eretz yisrael, biblically oriented.

There were also different raffles for different age groups. My kids had to run around finding the different characters and then they had to say something specific to them. If they said the right thing they got a sticker on their sheet. Everyone who had a full sheet was entered in the raffle. (my kids didn't win and they were sad).

There was even a little animal petting corner, including rabits and snakes and other fun creatures.

The mayor spoke and gave a bracha that our neighbor, Gilad Shalit (he's from the next village over), should return home safely as should all the soldiers fighting for us in gaza. A rabbi then spoke and had the kids all say shema out loud and hashem melekh.

It was a very enjoyable evening.

Tonight we are thinking about going to the klezmer festival in Tzfat. We've tried to go each year since we've been here and it hasn't worked out yet.


stillruleall said...

I went to KlezmerFest one year. It was very cool, but very very mobbed. I dont think its a good place to take kids to, though..

rockofgalilee said...

the kids got to go to the tanach festival. we're going without them to this one.

Our babysitter is named after the Israeli national anthem.

docyaak said...

sounds really cool. was the benn sorrer omoreh also the town drunk, or was hereally "just dressed up"?

rockofgalilee said...

he's usually an engineer. The chicken bone he was walking around with was plastic and the wine bottles looked empty.