Thursday, July 20, 2006

Docs Wife

I think I am the only person left here, my daughter, the nurse left for a quieter place and I am staying because the Doc needs looking after. I am putting on weight, everytime I hear a boom and woosh I have something chocolate....send me chocolate....Last night was a bit loud, I made the mistake of getting up at 3;00 to look at the net and it told us that they were fighting at Rosh Haniqra, I lay in bed and listened for it to get closer. Time for a chocolate break...Ahhhh!
I am looking after a bird called Tookey he/it does not like carrots, I also feed the cats outside, this morning a dog walked passed the hissing cats to eat cat food, no pride when hungry I guess, it is not even chocolate covered cat food!

Now we have to watch for infiltrators, terrorists who walk over the border to get us, my house is locked up well, in the meantime the garbage is being picked heroes!!
Bye for now.

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Anonymous said...

Your situation makes even me uncomfortable. I sure hope you guys are prepared in case terrorists crossing the border enter your community.