Sunday, July 30, 2006

almost over

It looks like the spiritual and diplomatic tracks are heading in the same direction.

I just heard that R' David Abuchatzeira, a noted kabalist (a real one not from the kaballah center) in Nahariya, and Condaleeza Rice, the US secretary of state, both said that this will not go on past Wednesday (without consulting with each other). Nasralla (of Hizballah) has apparantly not he ard this report yet and he is planning on putting more Israelis into bomb shelters. We are happily considering going home either before or after shabbos, though we are going to wait until it is actually kid-friendly as opposed to the politicians and rabbis telling us it is over.

I just got confirmed reports that the katyusha did a whole lot of destruction to Nahariya hospital. Shabbos was very very loud up north this week.

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