Friday, July 28, 2006

Docs Wife

The last blog was too serious. MY LAST TEN MINUTES:
I am making zatar sweet potatoes for Shabbat, turn on the oven, get the potatoes, Boom Boom Boom run to the miklat, get ANGRY I am cooking how dare they attack me just now...I came back upstairs and wondered why is it so hot? Oh yes the potatoes, put them in the oven. There is an announcement on the P.A. system he says :Shabbat Shalom, BOOM! gooooo toooo the rest is lost after he takes off at 80 kms an hour. The bird was tweeting loudly during all this and I looked at him,her, it and realized that I had changed its cage for Shabbat and not closed the door properly and it is sitting on top of its cage, the cat licks her lips and attacks, the bird wedges itself down the side of the fridge, I hear myself yelling at the cat "don't eat the bird" I move the cat and pick up the bird UGH and stuff it back in the cage. Why am I so stressed! Time for a whole bar of chocolate, Bye Shabbat Shalom and Shechet (Quiet).

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