Sunday, July 02, 2006

lazy days of summer

Summer time is here and that means summer camp at our office. We have cable tv and 2 computers for the children. We also have arts and crafts materials available, such as papers, markers, cardboard and scissors. We haven't reached the point where we hire a counselor for the summer, but I figure that is only a year or two away. SO now we have a buch of kids in the office who are spending most of their summer locked in an office building watching movies and playing on the computer. The main problem that I see with this is that every time they want adult interaction, they are "bothering" the adults who are trying to work. How would you feel if everytime you wanted to talk to your dad, who is in the office next door, you felt like you were bothering him? That's why I don't like to bring my kids to work or do work at home when they are around. When I am working, I like to focus on what I am trying to accomplish. Any interference, especially a kid asking me how to turn off the vol!
ume of the tv while still having volume on the dvd (it's not so simple, I ended up just unplugging the cable), just increases the time that it will take to accomplish the task at hand exponentially.

The problem with summer vacation is that parents don't get a summer vacation. In two income families, parents don't have a lot of options for what to do with their children for two months. Even in single income families, the moms can't handle giving their children 100% of their time, no matter how much love they have.
My wife got together with 6 other mothers and each one is taking a couple days and providing a day camp for the kids for 3 weeks. Those moms that work are taking vacation days when it is their turn. Since we have two kids and all the other families just have 1 kid, then we get 3 days of being the couselor instead of only 2. Sounds fair to me. Our day camp is a midos mased camp and each day the mom-in-charge is supposed to work on 1 midah. I am not sure if that midah is supposed to help the mother deal with the kids better or if the kids are supposed to learn about the midah, but I think both would be positive influences on the kids.
My kids school gave them homework for the summer. Every day they expect them to learn 1 perek of chumash, 1 perek of navi and 2 mishnas of pirkei avos. I thought that was a great idea until I started doing it with them. It took me 1 hour to go through the first perek of bereishis, without rashi. Its not something they can do on their own yet, and I don't have 3 hours at home even if they had the patience to sit that long. I can read it to them like a story, but I think they will accomplish more if they actually read it themselves. So I think we're going to just do one track, and I'll give them the option of doing either chumash or navi.

The lazy days of summer have arrived.

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